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Origin of Irezumi Japanese tattooing also known as irezumi, (入れ墨) irezumi meaning to insert ink. Tattoos have been used in Japan for centuries either as decoration or as a form of punishment. Irezumi is also the word in English used to refer to a distinctive style of Japanese tattooing. This traditional style of Japanese tattooing is applied by hand using wooden handles and metal needles attached via silk thread. Irezumi is said to be originated during the Edo period when japanese tattoo art became part of ukiyo-e style of art and culture. Body tattoos on those times were used by...

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Koi Fish Just next to the Japanese dragon comes the Koi in popularity within Japanese mythological creatures, the Koi short for Nishikigoi even though they are often associated with Japan they were actually originated from central Asia in China million years ago and were later introduced in Japan by invaders. Due to natural genetic mutation the koi nowadays comes in many colorful varieties and forms that are often portrayed in artworks. Thanks to this wide variety of attractive colors and patterns the koi became a popular creature with important meaning an symbolism around the world. The koi is believed to...

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