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The Slayer of vanityTengu, one of the legendary creatures found in japanese folklore; is considered a type of super natural being also known as yokai. Their supernatural powers include shape-shifting into animal or human forms, the ability to instantly move from place to place and appearing in the dreams of the living.Even though the literal meaning of Tengu's kanji 天狗 means Heaven Dog or Celestial Dog the name has no relation with the creature and it has its origin in the chinese mythology where the celestial dog was a comet or a meteor and was also considered an omen of war.The...

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Origin of Irezumi Japanese tattooing also known as irezumi, (入れ墨) irezumi meaning to insert ink. Tattoos have been used in Japan for centuries either as decoration or as a form of punishment. Irezumi is also the word in English used to refer to a distinctive style of Japanese tattooing. This traditional style of Japanese tattooing is applied by hand using wooden handles and metal needles attached via silk thread. Irezumi is said to be originated during the Edo period when japanese tattoo art became part of ukiyo-e style of art and culture. Body tattoos on those times were used by...

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